INTERNOVA® window and door profiles are among the most widespread in Slovakia. They have been produced in Nováky since 1992. Technology and know-how has been delivered by the Austrian firm Greiner. The system was developed subsequently in order to respond to the latest innovations in window construction. Among the company's products with the longest traditions include the three-chamber profile system that was recognised with a SLOVAK GOLD medal. The company currently offers 4 systems: three-chamber (Internova softline), four-chamber (Internova 4000) and six-chamber (Internova 6000). This year we brought to market a new six-chamber profile system with a squared-off design and a system for producing doors with an installation depth of 80 mm.

A major portion of the profiles we produce have found customers in Slovakia and are exported to other EU countries and to Russia, Serbia and Ukraine. They are sought after for the following properties:

  • installation depth of 80 mm, 6-chamber
  • minimum thermal savings of 60%
  • 3 seals
  • triple or double glazing
  • 10-year warranty on white profiles
  • no lead is used whatsoever